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All the Brands that Fit: Favorite News Networks Among Top Advertisers

by TS Kelly, SVP Research, Alphonso Political leanings are somewhat easy to spot among the US cable news outlets – there’s no arguing that MSNBC leans progressive, Fox News conservative and CNN more moderate. The brands advertising on each news network also reveal some distinct patterns. For example, in the minds of auto brand marketers, CNN viewers drive BMWs, MSNBC folks are split between Jeeps and Cadillacs, while Fox News viewers drive their GMC trucks[…]

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Romancing the Customer: Top Fragrance Brands and Valentine's Day

by TS Kelly, SVP Research Alphonso While the fourth quarter is typically a crowded field among perfume heavyweights, a select few brands look to Valentine’s Day to romance new customers. Dior and Chanel were the strongest scents by far among top TV ad spenders in Q4 ’17. These two brands alone represented approximately a third of all measured TV ad spend in the category ($76.4M) for the quarter. Among the rest in the category, there[…]

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Get Real-Time Viewership Metrics and Attribution for Super Bowl Ads

The biggest TV event of the year will be upon us soon. 110M+ viewers will be watching exceptionally creative commercials specifically made for the big game, and sold at $5 million per spot. Many watch the game just for the commercials! And yet, until today, we could never discern the true value of these extravagant TV investments. That changes this year. With our new Super Bowl Ad Insights Center, Alphonso will provide live, real-time TV[…]

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