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TV Tentpole Event Reports

  • 2019 Country Music Awards

    A look at TV ad insights from this year’s CMAs, plus find out which US states had the most love for country music.

  • 2019 Triple Crown Horse Racing

    A dive into the viewership trends for this year’s Triple Crown. Which three markets had the most love for the races?

  • 2019 CMT Music Awards

    Audience insights for the 2019 CMT Awards. Find out the favorite cable and network programs among viewers and more!

  • 2019 Billboard Music Awards

    A look at audience insights from this year’s BBMAs, plus find out which US markets came out in force for Taylor Swift.

  • 2019 Masters Tournament

    Viewership was down for the first three rounds, but Tiger’s championship run helped turn that around.

  • 2018 American Music Awards

    A study on the audience insights for the 2018 AMA’s. Which part of the show had the highest audience engagement?


TV Ad Insights Reports

  • The Big Unboxing: Meal Kits TV Ad Insights Q1-Q3 2019

    Find out which meal kit brands roasted the competition for TV Ad spend between Q1-Q3 2019.

  • Must-Sea TV: Cruise Liners TV Ad Insights Report Q3 2019

    Find out which cruise liners ruled the seas to lead the fleet for TV Ad spend in Q3 2019.

  • These Airlines Are Soaring. Q2 2019 TV Ad Insights Report

    Find out which airlines battled to come out on top for TV Ad spend in Q2 2019.

  • Diners, Drive-Ins & Data: QSR TV Ad Insights eBook

    We take a deep (dish) dive into Q1’s TV ad insights to find out which QSR brands came out on top!

  • Sandwiches On a Roll. QSR Spotlight: Sandwich Chains

    Find out which sandwich chains are spending the most “bread” on the national TV scene.

  • The Not-So-Little Chicken. QSR Spotlight: Chicken Chains

    Find out which national chicken chains cluck louder when it comes to TV ad spend.



  • An Introduction to Multi-Touch Attribution Across TV, OTT & Digital

    In this guide, we explore the benefits of MTA for TV, OTT and digital, and why it’s a necessity for modern TV advertisers.


Case Studies

  • OTT Measurement

    A study of how Alphonso helped a direct-to-consumer brand improve its visitation rate and get incremental reach from OTT.

  • TV-to-Website Attribution

    See how Alphonso enabled a major e-commerce brand to drive down cost per acquisition (CPA) to their website by 51% through frequency capping and the elimination of non-performing airings.

  • TV-to-Mobile App Attribution

    A look at how a leading mobile lifestyle app company leveraged Alphonso Insights to improve return on ad spend (ROAS) and reduce its cost-per-install (CPI) from $7 to $2.

  • TV-to-Location Attribution

    See how a major quick-service-restaurant (QSR) brand used Alphonso to help understand their ideal ad frequency and improve visits to their store.

  • Creative Resonance

    An online betting company leveraged Alphonso Insights to make significant optimizations based on creative performance analysis to increase visits to their website.

  • How TV Drives Website Visits

    A case study evaluating the effectiveness of TV and online marketing in driving visits to a website.



  • Connecting TV Ad Exposures to Store Visits

    Alphonso is joined by data intelligence partner, PlaceIQ and joint customer, TEGNA to discuss location attribution.

  • Webinar: Navigating EU Privacy

    In this 60-minute webinar, Alphonso is joined by privacy lawyers and experts from across the EU to discuss the state of privacy.

  • Webinar: Navigating CCPA

    In this 60-minute webinar, Alphonso is joined by privacy lawyers and experts to discuss the upcoming CCPA law.



Featured Videos


Video Archives

  • Alphonso Insights

  • Burger Chains (Bite Sized Insights)

    A 45-second overview of our QSR spotlight report on Burger Chains. See the full report in the “TV Ad Insights Reports” section.

  • 2019 Billboards Music Awards (Bite Sized Insights)

    A 45-second glimpse at insights from our Billboards Music Awards Viewership report.

  • TV Ad Trends: Automotive (Bite Sized Insights)

    A short overview of our Q1 ’19 Auto report. See “TV Insights Reports” section for the full report.

  • Once Upon a Mattress: The Battle for Bedroom SOV (Bite Sized Insights)

    A short sizzle about our Q1 ’19 Mattress Brands report. See “TV Insights Reports” section for the full report.

  • Alphonso Summary

    A 30-second overview of Alphonso TV data.



  • Hot Topic: CCPA

    What does CCPA mean for for agencies, marketers & technology providers?

  • Local Insights

    An overview of self-serve measurement and attribution capabilities for local broadcasters

  • TV Data Cloud

    An infographic overview of the Alphonso TV Data Cloud.

  • National Insights

    A comprehensive TV data solution for brands, agencies and networks.