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Understanding Household TV Viewing Behavior: How Many Unique Networks Does a Household Watch in a Month?

by Dawnis Chow @ Alphonso Data Science April 18, 2019 We humans are creatures of habit. It’s no surprise that these habits become evident in TV viewing data, allowing us to discern the personality of TV-watching households. Here we explore month-to-month consistency in the number of unique networks watched by viewers. We can see that households fall into distinct classes based on their behavior. In order to study the robustness of TV watching behavior over[…]

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Fact Over Fiction: A Rebuttal to Samba TV

A message from Alphonso CEO Ashish Chordia Alphonso is aware that Samba TV, having suffered a significant defeat in court, is now trying to make lemonade out of lemons. In doing so, Samba TV is providing false or misleading information, both privately and publicly. Over the last several years, Samba TV has been saddled with several major problems, all significant challenges to its business. First, Samba TV is losing smart TV deals to competitors
, limiting[…]

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The Bottled Water Wars

Diving into the TV advertising of two top bottled water brands – Poland Springs and Fiji Water – over the course of Q2 reveals two very different approaches to getting water into the hands of consumers. Poland Springs went “all in” with one commercial during the quarter, spending nearly $4.1 million on ad time – with a significant amount of airings on World Cup-related programming. There were airings on “Nightline,” “Master Chef,” and “American Idol”[…]

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