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Diving into the TV advertising of two top bottled water brands – Poland Springs and Fiji Water – over the course of Q2 reveals two very different approaches to getting water into the hands of consumers.

Poland Springs went “all in” with one commercial during the quarter, spending nearly $4.1 million on ad time – with a significant amount of airings on World Cup-related programming. There were airings on “Nightline,” “Master Chef,” and “American Idol” to round out reach, but FIFA was most definitely the focus.

Fiji Water went “all in” with its Q2 strategy as well, but with five different commercials and a total spend of $6.7 million. While Poland Springs’ commercial airings were all about soccer, Fiji went with another live sport – tennis. The majority of the airings were seen on “ATP Tennis” as well as the “2018 French Open.” As with Poland Springs, one cooking show was in the mix; in this case “Kitchen Nightmares.”

So it seems that it is soccer versus tennis in the water wars – at least for Q2 2018. We’ll see what Q3 brings. Perhaps the U.S. Open? Then again, there are the PGA Championships. Getting parched just thinking about all the possibilities.