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We are in unprecedented times. COVID-19 is the “black swan” moment the entire world could not predict. We are closely monitoring developments and responding rapidly to ensure the safety of our team members, and to continue to provide uninterrupted services for all our customers. 

We have a plan in place for Business Continuity, which I have laid out below. 

Please be assured that Alphonso’s services, such as Video AI collecting Smart TV data from linear channels and OTT streams, Alphonso Insights (both national and local) providing measurement, analytics and closed-loop attribution, and media planning capabilities, as well as our TV re-targeting capabilities are not impacted in any way. 

We operate in a secure cloud service platform, with additional capacity in data centers which we manage remotely. This mechanism allows us to continue to maintain and run the systems in a normal fashion, regardless of the physical location of our employees. 

Our Alphonso Insights services are delivered via a SaaS platform and accessed by our customers via the internet; these will continue to be accessible to our customers, uninterrupted. 

Below are a few key points I want to reinforce:

  • There will be no changes to the way users will interact with the Alphonso Insights platform.
  • Our systems are hybrid cloud-based and fully redundant.
  • Our entire customer success, account management, data analyst, product, engineering and management team is able to work and collaborate remotely, which means we will continue to serve and respond to customer requests and support them seamlessly. We will continue to monitor, manage and deliver without interruption. We are always reachable at 
  • In case of any issues, or troubleshooting needed, we will follow the existing process in place and respond in a timely fashion as we always do. 
  • We have equipped our team with all the tools and connectivity needed for them to be reachable and respond to all queries remotely. We continue to maintain a regular working schedule. 
  • Our team is both nationally (in US) and globally distributed and has redundancy in terms of teams sharing knowledge and understanding customer requirements, systems and processes.  All of which enables us to deal with any geographic ‘shelter in place’ or more restrictive measures local governments might impose to contain the spread of the pandemic.

We hope we were able to assuage any concerns on business continuity. 

Should you have any questions not addressed there, please reach out to me directly and I will be happy to clarify further. 

We’ll continue to keep you informed as we move through this unusual time.

Stay safe, 

Ashish Chordia
CEO, Alphonso Inc.