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The biggest TV event of the year will be upon us soon.

110M+ viewers will be watching exceptionally creative commercials specifically made for the big game, and sold at $5 million per spot.

Many watch the game just for the commercials! And yet, until today, we could never discern the true value of these extravagant TV investments. That changes this year.

With our new Super Bowl Ad Insights Center, Alphonso will provide live, real-time TV viewership Insights for all Super Bowl ads, and also deliver detailed attribution reports measuring return on ad spend (ROAS) for many of the Super Bowl campaigns from 2017 and this year’s game.

How did people react to a retailer’s ad spot? How many viewers shopped at the retailer in the following weeks? What was the impact of Super Bowl ads in driving people to a certain QSR after the big game? Did people consume more of a certain beverage after viewing its Super Bowl ad spot? Did the dealerships of a certain auto brand get more foot traffic as a result of their Super Bowl spend?

For answers to these questions and more, visit Alphonso’s Super Bowl Ad Insights Center, and don’t forget to sign up for access to these exclusive attribution reports.