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TEGNA Selects Alphonso For TV Attribution For Local Advertisers

April 4, 2019

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., April 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — TV data company Alphonso today announced that TEGNA has selected Alphonso Local to enable TEGNA’s local advertisers to better understand the value and effectiveness of their local TV and OTT ad campaigns. With Alphonso Local, TEGNA can effectively measure local linear TV campaigns connecting audiences to online and offline business results, such as website visits and conversions, and visits to a specific brick-and-mortar location. TEGNA has been piloting Alphonso Local over many months and will roll it out across 15 markets in 2019.

Alphonso Local – Self-Serve TV Ad Analytics and Attribution for Local Broadcasters

Alphonso Local is a suite of TV ad analytics, attribution and audience extension software and services for local broadcasters and station groups. It consists of three core offerings: closed-loop attribution, for rapid reporting on online and offline sales and visitation lift resulting from local TV ads; local TV-to-digital retargeting, so brands can amplify and optimize their TV spend across the web and mobile devices; and local TV ad insights for data-driven media planning and competitive analysis.

Powered by highly scalable Video AI deployed across markets, Alphonso Local performs each of these functions with granular detail at the local-market-level, due to the massive scale of Alphonso TV viewership data.

“In a comprehensive trial across multiple markets, Alphonso demonstrated how it can help TEGNA gain and grow local advertiser revenue by showing our advertisers exactly how their TV and OTT ads are helping them get the results they need from their marketing spend,” said Tim Fagan, senior vice president and chief revenue officer, TEGNA. “We recognize the increasing importance of bringing tangible results to our advertisers and making linear local TV as equally measurable as social and digital campaigns.”

Ashish Chordia, chief executive officer of Alphonso, said, “TEGNA continues to be on the leading-edge of understanding new forces in the market and adapting quickly to evolving client needs. The future of advertising – both national and local – is more data driven, and it can now be more results-oriented. As local advertiser budgets become more divided across many TV and digital platforms, broadcasters like TEGNA are harnessing new, data-driven offerings. The industry is now moving out of an experimental phase and into standardization. We are honored to have been selected by TEGNA.”

Industry-Leading Scale
With tens of millions of opted-in households nationwide reporting viewership data to Alphonso via multiple major brands of smart TVs and other connected devices in the living room, Alphonso provides deterministic local-market TV viewership data at an unprecedented scale, to help local stations pinpoint and measure their TV audiences, so they can help local advertisers understand the journey from ad exposures to business results. Alphonso’s patented video artificial intelligence (AI) completely automates the process of indexing and fingerprinting TV content both at a national and local level, creating metadata on the fly as ads and programs are played out over linear and OTT services. This automation enables the company to scale Alphonso Local in new markets quickly.

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About Alphonso
Alphonso is a TV data company with the industry’s largest TV viewership footprint. It is the market leader in providing brands and agencies with real-time, self-serve TV ad campaign measurement and attribution. The company enables its clients to reach and measure verified TV audiences across all screens. Brands work with Alphonso to amplify their TV spend on digital, and to connect the dots between TV ad exposures and real business results, such as foot traffic and sales, to better understand return on ad spend (ROAS).

With automatic content recognition (ACR) technology embedded in tens of millions of hardware and software products, including smart TVs, TV chipsets, mobile apps, and other connected living room devices, Alphonso understands what programming and advertising people watch on TV. Through its Alphonso Insights SaaS offering, Alphonso delivers actionable insights and closed-loop attribution with offline data in real time, to help its customers understand the true impact of TV advertising. To learn more, visit

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