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With little scoring on the field, it seemed up to the advertisers to keep viewers engaged for Super Bowl LII as the Patriots ultimately overcame the Rams.

Many brands scored big points with the TV viewing audience, including The Washington Post at the top of the viewership chart, and beverage giants Bud Light and Pepsi providing the most memorable commercials according to a joint real-time study executed between Alphonso and Survata, to identify Super Bowl viewers and gauge brand perceptions.

When it came to brand favorability, internet heavyweights Amazon and Google were in the top three, along with M&M’S, as the most favored brands among viewers. This is the first time this type of brand intelligence has been captured using real-time viewership data to engage verified viewers, and to quantify the impact of ads on brand awareness.

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As measured through our footprint of 34 million opted-in households reporting TV viewership data to the Alphonso TV Data Cloud, viewership rose steadily throughout the game. More people tuned in for the halftime show than for the first half, and tune-in increased throughout the second half, peaking in the fourth quarter as the Patriots scored the field goal and touchdown that brought yet another Lombardi trophy home to Foxborough, Mass.

The commercial that captured the most viewers as tune-in peaked was The Washington Post’s powerful spot carrying the timely message, “Knowing Keeps Us Free.” Tied for second most-watched were spots for T-Mobile, Girls Inc., the CBS promo for Stephen Colbert’s special Late Show, and Michelob Ultra.

Impact on CBS:
It was a normal Sunday as of noon on February 3rd for the big broadcast networks, but at 2:30pm PST, CBS began to outpace viewership on all other networks combined, as the host network launched into its pre-game coverage. CBS continued to dominate easily throughout the game and post-game show, contributing strong viewership momentum to its premiere of the new talent competition show, “The World’s Best.”

Most Memorable Brands
Alphonso worked with Survata, the brand intelligence platform, to present brand memorability and favorability metrics, through real-time surveys conducted with the live TV viewing audience, for 24 of the top brands airing ads. Viewers who saw the ad run during the Super Bowl were asked to rate each brand, just after the ads aired on TV.

Among the brands surveyed, Bud Light was the most memorable brand with a score of 3.09 for its “Trojan Horse Occupants” ad as well as its “Game of Thrones” HBO co-op ad. (Memorability was scored on a scale of zero to five, with zero being the respondent didn’t recall seeing the ad.)

Pepsi followed close behind with a score of 2.89 for its series of “More than OK” spots starring Steve Carell, Cardi B and Lil Jon. The M&M’S Chocolate Bar “Bad Passengers” spot starring Christina Applegate came in third with a memorability score of 2.69, barely beating out a spot for Doritos.

Most Favorable Brands
Measuring brand favorability on a scale of one to five, internet heavyweight Amazon, with its hilarious Alexa “Not Everything Makes the Cut” ads featuring Forest Whitaker and Harrison Ford, tied with M&M’S as most favorable. Google rounded out the top three with its “Jobs for Veterans” ad. Once again, Doritos was slightly edged out in this category with a brand favorability score of 3.06.

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