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Local TV Ad Insights:
TV Audience Data At Scale For Local TV Stations

Win and retain advertisers with the power of Alphonso Insights For Local TV Broadcasters.


TV Ad Insights For Local Broadcast Networks

A comprehensive, self-serve TV data platform that provides digital-quality metrics for Local TV ad creatives and data-driven, actionable insights to local broadcast networks.

A dashboard at the fingertips of your sales force with timely data that includes competitive spend analysis for brands on other local broadcasters.

Prove ROI With Closed-Loop Attribution
An easy tool for local station sales managers to show that the advertising they sell is driving conversions, foot traffic and sales.

Your Single Source Of Analysis For TV Data

Up-to-date local advertising data: no waiting days, weeks, or months for verification. Massive-scale data at a granular level, for cross-platform measurement across TV, OTT, and digital exposure.

Win Business Back From Digital and Social
With the industry’s largest footprint in TV viewership data – coming from one in four US households – you’ll have timely, accurate proof points that local broadcast advertising works.

Knowledge is Power. Give Your Sales Force the Data They Need.

Search and view spend, airings schedule, GRP, and households. Download customized clients reports that connect the dots between local TV ad exposures and both online and offline traffic and sales.