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retarget TV ads to digital devices

Pinpoint TV Audiences on Digital Devices

Our deterministic TV viewership data from 15 million households lets you target viewers of any TV ad or content, across over 100 million devices.

Gain incremental reach at lower cost. Grow SoV, optimize frequency, reduce waste and maximize ROAS across TV and digital.

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Best-In-Class, TV-Data-Driven Media Activation

Reach granular TV audiences with digital strategies that complement your TV campaigns.
Engage viewers most likely to take action. Powered by Alphonso Video AI.

target TV audiences


TV-to-Digital Sync & Retargeting

No media mix is complete without at least one of these innovative strategies. Know what your customers are watching, and who your competitors are targeting. Then optimize your spend to pinpoint those viewers across the vast universe of devices.


campaign optimization

TV Retention

Amplify and optimize TV spend
across all screens

Retarget viewers of your brand’s TV ads across mobile and the web, to ensure your ad is seen even if viewers are distracted from the TV. Device-level frequency extension, frequency capping, zero frequency.

target your competitor's ads

TV Conquesting

Steal share of voice from your

Grow SoV through granular targeting of devices exposed to your competitor’s ads. Retarget viewers of ads from any company in your category to use your competitor’s TV spend against them.

extend audience reach

TV Reach Extension

Extend your TV reach dramatically
without breaking the bank

Maximize campaign effectiveness across TV and digital by reaching viewers of your target networks, shows and dayparts on the web and mobile devices. Complement TV campaigns with interactive calls-to-action on digital.


OTT audience targeting

OTT Audience Targeting

Reach cord-cutters and premium
Pay-TV network viewers

Create custom segments for viewers of streaming services and non-ad-supported networks. Create a custom list of premium or streaming shows that resonate audiences you can’t buy on TV.

tv content targeting

TV Content Targeting

Reach audiences of any linear
TV show or network

Engage audiences of any regular or tentpole TV event on digital. Reach viewers of any specific program on all their digital devices. Activate during the original broadcast and continue to engage viewers after.

target video gaming audiences

Video Gaming Audiences

Find active video gamers for
hyper-targeted ads

Because our Video AI also detects video games played in the living room, gaming content providers and console makers can target only households where their games, or their competitors’ games, are played.


service options

Service options
to fit your needs

Buy media powered by Alphonso TV data any way you like. Let us do the heavy lifting, or buy self-serve for programmatic and social platforms.


Managed Service

Alphonso Buying Platform
Real-time activation via Alphonso’s in-house bidder. Supports display and video formats.

managed services


Programmatic Data
Available on all DSPs with direct API integrations for The TradeDesk, Amobee, and Tremor Video DSP.

The Tradedesk, amobee, tremor video dsp


Data segments for usage on programmatic platforms, allowing you to extend targeting to other platforms.

social self service