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multi-touch attribution

Closed-loop Attribution for TV Ads

Is your TV campaign working? Which creatives, networks, shows and dayparts do your viewers respond to? What’s the optimal frequency for driving results?

TV viewership data from 15 million households means you have the scale you need to see, and act on, the factors that drive web and foot traffic, purchases, downloads and more.

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Attribution from every angle

Combine granular TV ad airings data with first- and third-party data sets to connect the dots between your TV campaigns and location visits, sku-level purchases, app downloads, web traffic and more. Our massive scale provides the highest match rates possible for TV ad attribution with granular detail.

multi-touch attribution

Granular TV ad exposure data from 15M households

multi-touch attribution

…is matched to sales, location, traffic and conversion data

multi-touch attribution

…for rapid analysis of TV ad effectiveness for your specific KPI’s

multi-touch attribution

Results are elegantly visualized in a self-serve dashboard

multi-touch attribution

Measure TV’s impact on foot traffic

Our massive smart TV footprint combined with Place IQ’s best-in-class location data gives you the highest match rates when comparing visitors to your place of business and viewers exposed to your TV ads. Get the granular details on which ads and airings drive the most foot traffic, and optimize effectiveness across linear, OTT and digital ads.

multi-touch attribution

Know Your Campaign’s Effect on Web & Mobile Conversions

Drive down your web and mobile conversion costs by optimizing your TV and OTT ad spend, with granular data at your fingertips. Understand the impact of frequency, recency, networks and dayparts on ad effectiveness. See how your TV and digital campaigns work together.

Tie Ad Airings to SKU-Level Product Purchases

CPG brands work with Alphonso to measure product sales lift for specific SKU’s through our partnership with IRI, the leading shopper data company. Our cross-platform sales attribution ties consumer purchases back to precise TV ad exposures with both scale and speed that are unmatched in the market.

Pinpoint Your Actual Customers on TV

Use your first-party data to know exactly when and where your highest-value customers are across the TV universe. Know what shows, networks and genres they watch most. Reduce waste in your TV spend and optimize your linear, OTT and addressable buys for business results.