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  • Chevrolet & Toyota in the Driver’s Seat, Ford in Hot Pursuit

    Find out which auto brands drove over half of all Q1 spend at $1.03B.

  • Say Cheese: Slicing & Dicing TV’s Pizza Ads

    Discover which pizza brand comes out on top, outspending its nearest competitor by over 100%.

  • Gecko Attacks, Flo Fight Back: Insurance Ad Trends

    Which two insurance brands led the pack in ad spend by almost 50% of the total category?

  • Midseason Look-Back: Promotional Brief

    A look back at the promotional strategies broadcast networks have taken for some of the season’s top shows. How are networks promoting their hits with house ads? How can content inform media planning?

  • Ad Intelligence Brief: Entertainment, Fall TV

    Which networks and shows garner the most loyal viewing audiences? How long to those audiences stick around after the premiere, and where else do they go? This report answers these questions and more.

  • Ad Intelligence Brief: Automotive

    A detailed look into the spend and strategies of the top 10 automotive ad spenders in Q2, 2017. Who spent what, when, and where?

  • Special TV Data Report: Time-Shifting

    An analysis of the impact of time-shifting, via DVR and DVR-enabled set-top boxes, on live viewing. Which shows, genres and dayparts see the most time shifting?