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  • Sandwiches On a Roll. QSR Spotlight: Sandwich Chains

    Find out which sandwich chains are spending the most “bread” on the national TV scene.

  • The Not-So-Little Chicken. QSR Spotlight: Chicken Chains

    Find out which national chicken chains cluck louder when it comes to TV ad spend.

  • Where’s the Beef in TV Ads? QSR Spotlight: Burger Chains

    Find out which national burger chains are looking to unseat one of the national TV leaders.

  • Once Upon a Mattress: The Battle for Bedroom SOV

    No rest for the weary! Find out who the leading spenders are among mattress brands in Q1 ’19.

  • Chevrolet & Toyota in the Driver’s Seat, Ford in Hot Pursuit

    Find out which auto brands drove over half of all Q1 spend at $1.03B.

  • Say Cheese: Slicing & Dicing TV’s Pizza Ads

    Discover which pizza brand comes out on top, outspending its nearest competitor by over 100%.

  • Gecko Attacks, Flo Fight Back: Insurance Ad Trends

    Which two insurance brands led the pack in ad spend by almost 50% of the total category?

  • Midseason Look-Back: Promotional Brief

    A look back at the promotional strategies broadcast networks have taken for some of the season’s top shows.

  • Ad Intelligence Brief: Entertainment, Fall TV

    Which networks & shows garner the most loyal viewing audiences?

  • Ad Intelligence Brief: Automotive

    A detailed look into the spend and strategies of the top 10 automotive ad spenders in Q2, 2017. Who spent what, when, and where?

  • Special TV Data Report: Time-Shifting

    An analysis of the impact of time-shifting, via DVR and DVR-enabled set-top boxes, on live viewing.