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Alphonso Video AI

Our patented Video AI combines computer vision, machine learning, and other advanced techniques to automate massive-scale, real-time curation of rich TV data that powers activation, attribution and addressable media.


“Vying to shake up TV advertising”

Best-In-Class TV Data

Marketers rely on Alphonso TV data for a broad range of advanced advertising solutions including media activation, TV ad campaign measurement and closed-loop attribution, real-time competitive analysis of TV ads, addressable media, and much more.

With both massive scale and robust technology distribution for the curation of TV viewership data, our clients have access to a broad and diverse range of custom audience segments for TV retargeting at scale,  high data-matching levels for TV ad attribution for both national and local campaigns.

Data Footprint

Alphonso’s TV viewership data footprint covers 15 million opted in U.S. households. Across these households that provide up-to-date TV viewership data, we can reach over 100 million devices with TV retargeting.


OEM Partners

Alphonso curates its best-in-class TV viewership data in partnership with several major smart TV and connected TV device makers. Partners include Sharp, Hisense, Toshiba, Skyworth, LG, Sling Media, Tivo and Seiki.


Broad Demographics

The breadth of our TV viewership data footprint, spread across several major TV and connected device brands, means we cover the broadest set of demographics, most closely aligned to the U.S. census.


Massive Scale

With 15 million U.S. households reporting TV viewership, Alphonso provides the sheer scale required for proper TV ad measurement and attribution. We deliver the highest data-match rates for pairing TV ad airings with in-store and online traffic and sales.

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Alphonso TV Data Cloud

With our patented Video AI at its core, the Alphonso TV Data Cloud brings together our complete index of TV content and ad airings, our TV viewership data from 15 million US households, and third-party attribution data that connects TV ad consumption to real-world actions.

Our census-level scale, deterministic TV data set and advanced data science enable new ways of pinpointing audiences across TV and digital, engaging the right customers, and having a clear picture of TV ad effectiveness.

What Ads Are Airing?

The Alphonso TV Data Cloud provides a second-by-second view of national ads as they appear on TV in the U.S. We use machine learning to understand when and where the ads are airing, alongside which programs, and much more.

View all ads, and filter by brand or channel.


Alphonso puts consumer privacy first; our technology is built from the ground up to offer consumers complete control, transparency, and a fair exchange of value for the curation of TV viewership data. We adhere strictly to guidelines set forth by the FCC in the U.S. Our technology and offerings are fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA, and we participate in several third-party consumer systems that enable consumers to easily opt out of our services.