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Let’s go back to Advertising 101. If it’s good content, there will be relevance. If there is relevance then engagement follows. All in an ideal world, of course.

But how do you measure that engagement?  Or this considered viewability? Does the “opportunity to see” define the advertising impact and thus engagement?

With brands asking for measurable data on where their money is spent and the forever fleeting landscape of the screen, the viewability standard is put into question.

Emarkerter reviewed much of the polls and surveys done in the past yearabout the viewability standard, noting that “about four in 10 UK and US agency and brand professionals used viewability rate to measure both native advertising and content marketing campaigns.” This is a good thing, if the agreed upon standard is universal. And it’s happening. Just last week the Interactive Advertising Bureau announced that its Tech Lab took over the “Open Video Viewability” initiative to further enable streamline measurement of the Media Rating Council viewable impression standard for video advertising.

Advertisers are like psychologists – looking to inject their ideas from a cognitive, emotional or behavioral point of view. Essentially, they are building brand through engagement.  That is just half of the pie.

The onus does not fall on simply the marketer. A new symbiotic relationship is emerging between the publishers or media platforms and the creative agencies offering a potential solution. This will be shared goals toward brand engagement.

The latest development on this are the announcements made by Yahoo!and Sony’s Crackle both enlisting analytics and video management services to provide advertisers the data they want – when the advertisement was viewed.

So about that ideal world, looks like we are all thriving to get there, one viewable ad at a time.