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Its that time of the year, and our research team found that amongst December specials, so far, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has taken the cake in terms of viewership numbers.

Though TV audience numbers have declined compared to last year, the show held its position amongst the top primetime shows.

More interesting is what our research team found when they sliced the viewership longitudinally along the show. It turned out that the show exhibited higher audience engagement in its second half. Based on the data, viewership rose to 67 percent in the last fifteen minutes of the show to watch the models’ final walk and performance from The Weekend. With viewership at 14 percent in the first fifteen minutes, we saw an astounding increase of 53 percent throughout the hour-long show.




The question remains: was it the Victoria Secret clothing theme or the musical performance that drove the most eyeballs in the last part of the show?

On that note, we wish you all Happy Holidays on behalf of the entire crew from Alphonso. Enjoy your year-end parties, and see you in 2016!